FinchVPN Windows Client

The easiest way to connect is to use our simple FinchVPN GUI. Simply login, select one of our VPN servers and connect.

  • FinchVPN GUI advantages:
  • No technical knowledge required
  • Account info at hand
  • Always up-to-date list of VPN servers
  • Easily switch between VPN servers and protocols
  • Build in OpenVPN & PPTP
Download v 3.3.0
Last Updated : 2018-04-12

More info
Login with your FinchVPN username and password

FinchVPN OpenVPN Config

For user who want to set up and connect manually or do not have .NET framework installed.

  • Supported Devices:
  • Windows OS
  • MacOS X
  • Ubuntu
  • Android
  • iOS (No jailbreak needed)
Download v 2.4.8
Last Updated : 2018-04-12

OpenVPN GUI Windows Client and Config
Login with your FinchVPN username and API Key